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We provide Parrots for sale in Australia:  Beautiful and adorable, talking and non talking parrots at affordable prices. We ship within Australia and worldwide via the best pet shipping companies. contact us today to reserve your parrot.

African Greys For Sale

We supply the most beautiful and adorable African Grey parrots in Australia.

Macaws For Sale

Buy adorable macaw parrots in Australia only from Kelly’s Parrot Farm.

Cockatoo For Sale

Best Cockatoo Parrots For sale In Australia. Free Shipping.

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We are the best parrot supplier in Australia. We supply our clients with healthy and wonderful parrots. Checkout our reviews and be a part.

Johanne Foster

"I am happy to testimony on your website. i will encourage other people to consider buying from you anytime any day. "

Dawn Beaudette

"I couldn't believe i actually got a parrot this cheap with all papers. Thank you kelly's parrot farm and partners for the beautiful parrot."

Sophie Mann

"Thank you for the new family member. i am a single mom. my son is not bored anymore because he has a playmate now."

Olle Lind

"Thank you, thank you, Thank you a million time. i cant stop saying thank you for respecting your words Kelly"

Adoption Record...

Macaws 100%
African Grey 80%
Cockatoo 75%

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